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james d

What's wrong with this Kowas Flares?

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I can't remember if my kowa had this when i first bought it and then after i started to (massivley) hack it they turned up but now i have got back into shooting on a gh5 these, "twinkle" flares are there and welll not so good.


I didn't do any hacking to the glass elemet. Also next problem is bottom corners where light is hitting the element, is this becuase i have taken off the front metal part( to reduce weight for gimbal use)?


Everytime there's bright light they're there and it's distracting and I will probably have to buy a new anamoprhic attachment if i can't solve this. anyone know what this is?


Many thanks






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The haze and starburst I'm not sure about (blade-related?), but the main flare seems to be consistently askew at about 30 degrees. The white vignetting looks like typical barrel reflection. As a test, I'd try a black lens hood of about 1-2 inches in front of the lens after you find a shot that can recreate that original problem effect. If it the white is there, consider darkening the end of the barrel and lens edge itself (if possible).

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Twinkle flare either caused by micro scratches on Kowa or taking lens (or both). Test taking lens first to see if present...if not, then you know it is the Kowa. You can usually tell if an Anamorphic has any micro scratches by putting on a ‘clean’ taking lens and freehand rotate it while pointing at a strong light source. If the twinkles rotate...there is your answer. Micro scratches are usually bad news on rear of lens elements, but a few on the larger front optic usually don’t impact too badly. Your example pics also show some glow, indicating either a load of fine micro scratches or light mildew on At least one of the optics.

white veiling glare can indeed caused by light hitting optic edge of front element, blackening the edge will eliminate that...or simply use a lightweight rubber lens hood to control the off-axis light from entering the lens. It could also be caused by the taking lens partially flaring, when it’s flare is being clipped by the Kowa choking the light path.

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