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iscorama taking lens m42 trade or buy to nikon Fmount version?

Rob Bannister

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Hello everyone, I bought an iscorama set in m42mount, I was trying to hold out for a nikon Fmount version but this deal was too good to pass up.


Ive got other taking lenses but I like the compactness of the kit. The included taking lens is a nikon 50mm 2.8 that comes with the iscorama but I shoot nikon.


Anyways I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading or selling or something to get me over to the Nikon Fmount version.


If you are shooting on canon or other it either would not be an issue for you its just to get the fmount would make this easier for me being a Nikon shooter.


To reiterate its the included taking lens thats set to infinity not the anamorphic part. 


Just putting out a feeler let me know if you are interested in setting up some sort of deal.



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Here are some photos of the taking lens. The lens is in perfect condition, the aperture ring is nice and smooth except when you turn it back to open it up to 2.8 it gets a little tight. Ive already talked to Bernie at Super 16 Inc (New York) and he is going to fix that before the trade would happen. 



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wasting your time with those small gay iscoramas.

are over rated and overpriced i would dump it and buy this proper non gay iscorama.

you see kid in hollywood it has to be big cumbersome inefficient full of bullshit and lies with a hint of satanism.


introducing the real holylwood mk ultra iscorama

comes with a 100% bullshit and built lie guarantee.



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one of the main problems well not really a problem but one of the things with the different iscorama systems.

nikon,practica,m42 etc.

isco purchased complete lens from the different companies and with the exception of leica one most of the back optics where entry level spherical..many with rather bland odd shaped lens iris.


i have a spare back but it is practica mount i think or maybe pentax not nikon

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yeah I have heard it is mostly a basic nikon 50mm 2.8 converted to the different mounts. The m42 pentax practica mount just wont reach infinity on nikon mount. My whole lens collection is based around an fmount system which puts me a a disadvantage but allows all my glass to mount to anything. So all my fmount glass can go to the m4/3 stuff but not much can go on fmount. so for anyone else m42 will work with eos systems etc but I just need an fmount back. I just wanted a nice complete system i could use on my d800 and m4/3 system but it may end up that I have to buy another iscorama unless someone is willing to trade or part with it. 


Maybe someone will take advantage of my situation and take something along with the m42 lens for the something in fmount. Im not saying its an ideal situation to be in but its where I am. Im fine without it and the m42 lens will just sit in the cupboard but Im a crazy person wanting it lol

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