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Anamorphic Flares Comparison shots

Justin Bacle

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Here is a quick comparison between the anamorphic lenses I have.
The goal is to compares the flares and sharpness.

Hypergonar Hi-Fi 2
Dyaliscope Champion
Singer/Sankor 16D (uncoated)
Elmoscope 1
Isco Ultra-Star
Schneider Cinelux.

All shots with :
Mitakon Lens Turbo II
Helios 44-2
Focused to infinity, using a +1 close up diopter (Hama) except for the cinelux which used the Rectilux Hardcore DNA
(Sorry for the misaligned Cinelux shot, didn't see it until edit.)

Shot in Raw 3:1, edited and graded in Resolve. Applied the same color correction to all the shots.

I chose this lens, so that every anamorphic adapter would not show vignetting.
Equivalent focal length is 58 (Helios 44-2) * 0.72 (Lens Turbo) * 2.88 (BMMCC) = 120mm (FF)

The flares from the Hypergonar and Dyaliscope are just epic. 
I really like the subtle flares of the Elmo I
The flares of the ultrastar and cinelux are very muted, as expected.

The Singer (Sankor) 16D shot is just to show what happens if you want to uncoat your lens ;) 

What do you think ? :) 

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18 hours ago, PepperJay said:

Great compilation! I like the Singer/Sankor for over-the-top sci-fi applications, and (surprisingly) the Cinelux for the subtle ones. Was the lack of contrast due to the Helios? Does the Lens Turbo II have any affect on the same?

The Lens Turbo does not remove sharpness from my experience, but add a slight blue flare.
I think that the lack of contrast has more to do with my grading than to the helios as it was closed down to f/2.8. But you're right, the helios is not as contrasty as modern lenses.

Keep in mind that the Singer/Sankor 16D I have is partially uncoated (front element), so your results ught differ :)

17 hours ago, Dick Sweeney said:

HiFI 2 for sharpness and flares

Yep, the Hi-Fi 2 flares are epic ! I find the Dyaliscope to be quite good too :)

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