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hardware for fluid premiere playback

Daniel Galli

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Hi, i want to know what hardware handling preview in timeline on premiere.

i work with large h265 nx500 files on 720p at 120fps, with 10 to 18 video tracks simultaneous and i want to get the best fluid playback possible.

i currently got a fx8320, 8gb ddr3 1333mhz ram, and a gtx650 
and i want to upgrade the cpu or the gpu, i got on mind get a gtx660ti or a gtx690
or change to ryzen 7.

what would recommend you? i can only  upgrade 1 piece of hardware on a long time. 

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4 minutes ago, pablogrollan said:

The extra CPU cores help, but also look into a more current GPU, such as a GTX 1070 or 1080. Even a GTX1060 6GB as an affordable alternative to the 660ti 

but what are the bennefit of get a current gpu? memory, clocks night? i dont really know what specs of gpu adobe use, only cuda cores and vram


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Cuda cores, raw processing power and RAM. Pascal GPUs are the standard right now, and for many good reasons (less power consumption= less heat = more durability = less money for cooling options = less noise etc).

You also need a more recent CPU that does H265 decoding internally. I would say a 6700 or a 7700(better) with a 1060 GPU (value for money right now, no need for anything less).

I do not know about AMD cpus.

For financial reasons I went for 6700 and 1060 recently (for an editing laptop). For 600€ more I would have gone for 7700 and 1070 gpu (that is the combo that I consider as best value for money/perforMande right now), but as I upgrade/renew a lot of my equipment and office space, those extra hundreds were needed elsewhere.

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