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Could Nikon be about to enter digital cinema market?

Andrew Reid

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Sony has the corporate infrastructure required for servicing high end, cinema based clients. It is an industry they understand and generally thrive in.


Nikon might make an amazing, video based DSLR.... But the idea that they will create a new sub division of cinema cameras is unlikely, imho.


I have a image of Nikon in my mind where there is bunch of Japanese suits straring at a wall .. the wall has a window with a guy offering a suit case full of money (the guy is smiling and offering the case towards the japanese suits). Near the wall is a ladder but the Japanese suits cannot make up their mind who should go and use it. Instead they keep on nodding to each other like an piece of code that cannot understand the problem it's suppose to solve. So the suits keep turning and staring each other rather than go get the money. 


Now who in this story is Nikon and who is us?.. . quite straight foward :)

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