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Adapter with ND filter to protect Sony A7SII sensor from dust

Santi Deva

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Hi everyone,


I just bought a Sony A7SII plus a Metabones adapter since I come from the Canon 5D world and I have already invested some money in EF lenses.


I work as a videojournalist and I change lenses a lot in the field, which is more problematic with a mirrorless camera than with my old 5D.


I am thinking about buying a Fotodiox EF->E adapter with built in ND filter. The ND filter would be useful since I use prime lenses, but I want it more to protect the sensor from dust. The adapter would be permanently on the camera and when I change lenses the filter would stop the dust.


Do you think it's a good idea or can you come up with another solution? Any of you has experience with this adapter?


Thanks a lot in advance.

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The only thing to bear in mind with the lens throttles are that there is no ND0 setting so you'll always be losing some light. If thats going to be an issue for you (doubtful with the camera you're putting it on!) then you'll need to carry 2 adapters.

I only have the dumb version for M43 so I don't know about the AF aspect with the smart one you're looking at but the ND performance is very good and its a neat product. 

As an aside for anyone looking at one of these for M43 mount, its actually an EF to M43 converter and they supply it with the converter to EF of your choice. So when I ordered it as M42 to M43 it actually is two separate pieces which is great because to use it with Contax Zeiss or Nikon lenses, I just take the M43 to EF part off and replace it with the C/Y to EF or Nikon to EF. Without any adapter I can of course use it with EF lenses as well so essentially its 4 adapters in 1 for me.

Plenty of reviews on YouTube including this very nice one from our very own @Mattias Burling 


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