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Focus Group Time - What Functions Would You Like To See On The Hardware Controller


Vote For Hardware Controller Functions.  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. What functions would you like to see on the hardware controller?

    • Shutter Speed Select
    • Exposure Compensation Select
    • Focus By Joystick
    • A/B Focus Point Auto Transition
    • A/B Focus Point Manual Transition
    • One Shot AF
    • Joystick Driven Focus Point
    • White Balance Select
    • Zoom By Joystick (Integrated Lens Cameras Only)
    • Video Format Select
    • Record Start/Stop
    • Picture Parameter Change (i.e. Sharpness, Saturation)
    • Combi Presets (Change picture profile, Video Format, ISO, White Balance etc as one button press)
    • ISO Select
    • Aperture Select

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The hardware controller for Panasonic cameras is coming along nicely and I’m looking for a bit of feedback regarding what you might want on it.

As I’m settling on the controller type (the two front runners will be another poll) there is a bit of a dilemma over the number of switches and how they might be implemented so I want to make sure I get the best core set that will satisfy most people. 

Basically, I don’t want to have the controller be some massive unwieldy thing that defeats the object of having small cameras like the Panasonics so by sticking to something compact there’s obviously a trade off regarding how many simultaneous controls there will be available. The simultaneous aspect is important as to get as many functions on as possible they will be switched in layers and I want to minimise that too so I’m trying to find the sweet spot of total functions.

My idea with this controller is obviously so that it can be used to give you hands off control so you can operate the camera without inducing movement while its on a gimbal etc, and for general remote stuff like if you had it on a jib or even just for vlogging. 

However, as it will also do focus control as in controlling focus but also pulling focus, both at defined transition rates but also by manual control so that in itself requires a fair amount of controls to set positions etc. 

In addition, its other purpose is to get functions that are in menus or a few presses away (like exposure comp or ISO) under direct control to make the cameras easier to operate and add functions like a joystick driven focus point function for the cameras that don’t have it.

So…..there’s a fair bit to find space for!

What I’d be grateful for you doing if you have any interest in having a controller would be to just check as few or as many of the functions as you’d like to see on it.

There’s no order of importance so just click away.


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