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Footage! Rectilux + Kowa + Terra 6K + cheap monopod


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Here is some footage i shot real quick of a traveling Amusement Park with a cheap monopod.

Kinefinity Terra 6K
Rectilux Hardcore DNA
Kowa B&H
Contax 50mm f1.7
Rapido Clamp

Resolve + Filmconvert.
Youtube compression really destroyed this hopefully you still like.


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Nice - I like the footage of the stuff going round - and especially when the camera is moving. The look - is great - along with the colours of the sensor too.The jittery footage was a bit of a distraction. Love the mix of music and atmos.... I'd be keen to see some minimal depth of field stuff - wide open or close to get a sense of the out of focus vibe.


FYI - Im in the same boat as yourself starting out in the anamorphic world - I'm going to use mine on a gimbal on on a monopod with feet....... also the motion control app with the camera from my phone - so a mix of movement but controlled a little...... lets see


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Thx, Sweeney
Yeah, me and that monopod were not ready for that rig. (aka shaky)
At 1:12 i opened up the lens a bit, but as you probably know, opening up the lens is the enemy of anamorphics.
I've used the LA7200 and century's for years but kinda new to the 2x lenses. The size of the rig is a whole new world.


I'm interested to see your set-up! are you using a remote follow focus? Seems like a long setup for a gimbal, which one are you using.
Only one i can think of that might work is the helix... anyways looking forward to your shots! :)



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