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For Sale: Iscorama Pre 36 + Tokina 0.4 + More (Los Angeles Area)


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I consider the condition to be very good, though I'm no optical engineer. There are no serious blemishes, haze, marks on the glass - aside from a few tiny specs that you’d expect with a vintage lens (none of which affect the image as far as I can tell).

It's sharp, the focus is smooth and flares a gorgeous orange flare with good light source. Used with the Tokina achromat, it’s WOW.

Here’s everything:

- Iscorama Pre 36 anamorphic lens
- Iscorama taking lens with Nikon mount
- Tokina 72mm +0.4 achromat with original box and leather case. Ex+ condition
- Variable ND filter 77mm with 72-77 step up ring AND 1.2 ND filter
- Large custom built step up ring 52-55mm for mounting on other lenses, that aren’t the Iscorama taking lens.
- Original lens cap (for collection) 72mm - but it doesn't really stay on
- OPTIONAL: 55mm 1.8 SMC Takuma (the maximum focal distance for full frame).
- New, better lens cap for use 72mm and rear Nikon lens cap for Iscorama taking lens
- A nice sturdy Pelican Case!

Well taken care of by photographer / filmmaker in L.A. Stored in pelican case most of the time.

I’ll put into up on Ebay for 3000 later, but on here for 2800 USD. L.A. pickup would be great. For now US only.

I can also throw in a nice SMC Takumar 55mm (M42) lens which is really nice for full frame cameras, if you like.

IMAGES OF PACKAGE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/okvsr4bansktc4d/AABCTfxwEz2syFr9KM57FJO5a?dl=0

IMAGES TAKEN WITH LENS (Note, these are actual photographs, not video stills. Can provide un graded / un stretched if desired. Various taking lenses used): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t6e5jhhot87cg9v/AAArfIe9R3FArcTzkDdDUbCSa?dl=0

Good luck!




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