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GH5 - 6K Photo Mode - 4K 60P and 30P - HD HFR 180FPS


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The GH5 isn't made by Sony.  Sure the camera gets warm after an hour or more, but I have yet to see any warning of shutdown.  Doesn't matter if it's 6K or 4K, this camera is just built solid.  I just shot a live event that was almost 2 hours and it was just fine.  Even the battery lasts over 2 hours.  Can't say that about Sony.

As for 6K Photo Mode - it is exactly like 4K Photo Mode on the GH4.  It not only records video but sound also.  And it has the same aspect ratios - 4:3, 3:2 and 1:1.  The short video below is a 6K clip with audio:

The bummer part is that it is a "photo" mode - so it is accessed in the photo mode dials (MASP), not the movie dial.  This means that it is considered a "photo", and as such the old picture styles are the only ones available.  No VLOG, no Rec709L.  CineV and CineD however are still available.  Also, the metering is way off, like 1-2 stops.  The easy way is to go to movie mode, set the exposure, then go the photo mode, and record. 

The roadmap for 6K Anamorphic is clear because it's very similar to the GH4.  In the beginning, the GH4 only had 4K photo mode.  It was only a year later that they decided to make a dedicated Anamorphic movie mode.  I look forward to 6K Anamorphic later this summer!

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@nahua, indeed... But it doesn't make sense either to call it 6K photo or less than 5K video, that's what actually this camera and this mode both are too. I wonder on overheating not because I don't know both Sony and Panasonic.

Man, you're speaking with someone who is customer of both brands for longer than your age very likely ; ) if you were born in 90s : D

I wonder about, precisely, because they insist to these silly denominations such as 6K Photo or to present this camera only as 4K video capture device on film side. I thought this mode would only be available just for a few seconds. It seems you can have 3 hours out of it or until your battery or card will completely drain. Recording sound included. How come?

Hence my fair try to detect where the catch is.

People look like very crazy, very lately. Panasonic marketing doesn't escape to this remark. This camera is fully underrated. A shame. 

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I understand what you're saying.  It's not really 6K, just like UHD isn't really 4K either.  But sticking to aspect ratios, I guess you can say it's close enough.  Most of it is marketing anyway.  Red, Sony, etc all claim 5K, 6K or 8K and it's not really that size.

To answer your question about recording, on a 64GB card:

8bit UHD 16:9 30P - 1hr 24min

8bit Anamorphic 4:3 30P - 1hr 24min

10bit UHD 16:9 30P - 54min

8bit UHD 16:9 60P - 54min

8bit Anamorphic 4:3 60P - 54min

8bit 6K Photo Mode 4:3 30P - 41min

Continuous recording is possible with 6K Photo Mode.  Again it's just like 4K Photo Mode on the GH4 - full video and audio recording.  But it is HEVC H265, so transcoding is a must in order to edit.  I would show you some of the longer shots of 4-5min, but it would be HUGE, around 60-80GB.  Transcode, edit, and then the render time...  Rendering just the small clips are something in the order of 30min.  If I did 5 min it might be a couple of hours on my mac.  Definitely something to consider with these large files.

The GH5 really is an amazing camera.  At one time I was really considering getting a Sony FS5 or FS7 just for the 4K 60P and the slomo.  But I'm so glad that I waited.  To have Anamorphic 4:3 modes means I don't have to do crazy cropping with 16:9.  Plus with the added benefit of better codecs and larger anamorphic coming soon, it's almost like a mini RED or Alexa.  As for all those people returning theirs or complaining about AF - well this isn't the camera for them.  This camera really is for filmmakers.  It has a lot of the tools that filmmakers need.  The new Waveform tool, peaking is improved, etc etc.  There's just so much value for the money. 

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