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DIY remote focusing control (out of lego!)


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Okay, so this is not a particularly clever invention, but it actually works and is quite useful, which makes it worth sharing. :)

Now, I've had an idea in my head for quite a while now; remotely controlling a DSLR's lens' focus ring using (I don't know the proper word) 'motor mirroring'. Basically using one motor as the "generator", and the other to control the focus. So it happens that I found my LEGO and made my idea! Really pleased with how it turned out, so I thought I'd make a video demonstrating it and to show it to everyone here (and I've posted this on other forums too, like DVXUser), as I think it's of interest to the people who browse these forums.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tedA3DEcFio#ws]DIY Remote Manual Focus Controller for DSLRs (LEGO!)[/url]

It's pretty useful for me personally, because of my shooting style. If you have LEGO, try and build yourself one. Mine took an hour, but I'm sure if one was to invest more time a better device could be created!
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[quote author=MatthewP link=topic=281.msg1790#msg1790 date=1329334925]
Hehe, thanks very much.  :D That train idea sounds great! You should let us know how it goes and share some samples. Are the tracks those blue ones, by any chance?

I will give samples as soon as I shoot something. The tracks aren't blue, grey ones. It's super old, I got it when I was a kid about 15 years ago...
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