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Andrew Reid

Electronic follow focus revitalises dual-focus anamorphic lenses

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Discussion of the prototypes on the EOSHD Anamorphic Forum

Many anamorphic lenses especially the affordable ones require the prime lens to be set to the same mark as the anamorphic on the focus barrel, making a focus rack during a shot impossible by hand and shot setup awkward.

Now an ingenious electronic follow focus by Markus Houy has been created making our dual-focus anamorphic glass single focus like high end Iscoramas or LOMOs.

EOSHD interviews Markus and finds out more about his plans for the device.

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Andrew, thanks for covering this. I've been following it for a while, and Markus is really on to something here. Please keep in contact with him. I for one really don't want to see his project die out. He has a very strong potential solution to an anamorphic shooting problem. The fact of the matter is, for those of us who love 2X anamorphics, there is no good dual-focus solution. Even LOMOs are now very expensive, especially if you want multiple focal lengths.


I think there really is something advantageous about the projection anamorphics where you only have to buy the anamorphic once, and it can go in front of a set of less expensive non-anamorphic "taking" lenses in order to make up a set with various focal lengths. The Kowa for example that Markus is using (as you know) is incredible glass. The focus challenges that Markus is remedying with his project are the Kowa's only big hurdle in comparison to even the best anamorphics.


The fact is, even if his focus-ganging system ends up being expensive, it is likely still cheaper than a set of LOMOs, and Kowas are easier to find. It also doesn't require the strange custom support system like the LOMOs do, and it beats out the Iscorama in many people's books because it is a 2X anamorphic system. Add to that the potential for it to also be a wireless follow focus system, and it even begins to be uniquely attractive.


Please, as one of the more visible and influential anamorphic users, keep in contact with Markus, and let us know if he needs help to move his project along.

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