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60p with 24p in the same timeline (no slow motion)

Erico Penteado

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My uneducated impression is that when you bring 60p footage into a 24p sequence, it plays back just fine (at 24p) without any finagling. You may find you can just drop it into a 24p sequence just fine.


I bring 60p 5D3 clips into 24p sequences to run them at 40%, but before I do the speed change, they play back fine and look 24p-ish.

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I know in Premiere CS6 you can right click on your footage in your bin and have it interpreted at any frame rate that you desire.  If you are working on a 23.976 (or 24p) timeline, you can set 60p to 23.976.  This, to my knowledge, is the best way.




And then:




After this, you can drop in your 23.976 (24p) footage with no conflict to the 60p footage.  Dragging and dropping usually automatically wants to chang your sequence to match your footage.  I think that this might work better for you.

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