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  1. The rod plugs are suprisingly sturdy - the most I ever put on them is a follow focus and matte box, but they feel rock solid and I'm sure they'd support as much weight as you'd want to put on them.
  2. Hi everyone,   I'm posting this because I think it will genuinely be of interest to at least some of you, and I'm really hoping it isn't considered spam, because that is definitely not my intent.   I'm a DSLR filmmaker and I developed a cool little widget thing that I'm now making available via Kickstarter. It's called the Multiplate and it stays on your camera all day long, and lets you mount things like a monitor, 15mm rods, follow focus, matte box, handles, etc - without having to switch out to a totally different configuration. Just attach the pieces you need, take off the on
  3. Hi all,   Really hoping this doesn't count as a spam post - it's really a call for submissions, but other forums have taken offence at it.   I'm seeking submissions for my new blog, love24fps.com - it's a celebration of the best of live event filmmaking, so we're seeking wedding trailers, anniversary films, proposal films, other live event films, etc to showcase. Think of it as the Style Me Pretty for filmmakers.   The basic rules for submission are:   1) No copyright material. All music must be fully licensed and you must include song title(s), artist name(s) and w
  4. My uneducated impression is that when you bring 60p footage into a 24p sequence, it plays back just fine (at 24p) without any finagling. You may find you can just drop it into a 24p sequence just fine.   I bring 60p 5D3 clips into 24p sequences to run them at 40%, but before I do the speed change, they play back fine and look 24p-ish.
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