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DRIP NX-1 Macro Cinematography Exercise

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Shot some test footage with my cheapo macro rings and came up with this. 

KS Hack @ 160mbs

NX 30mm 2.0 + Extension Tubes for most Macro.

NX16-50s for wides

Used my 3 Flashlights for lighting 

All Da Vinci Resolve Studio from H265. 

Used EOSHD's Classic Flat NXLOG 

I may have gone overboard on the sound!

Flat and Graded example.

Drip Flat_1.1.1_1.25.1.jpg

Drip CC_1.1.1.jpg

Had fun and learned alot... Im assuming my shutter was wrong or the flashlights had been incompatible as some slow mo shots flicker.

Also I pushed a few shots to much as they look somewhat posterized.

Constructive comments or thoughts are greatly appreciated :grin:

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2 hours ago, Kisaha said:

The Resolve version is the paid one, or the free?

At some points the image is too stressed, you would need a couple of better led lights or something, but it was a great exercise nevertheless! 

Thanks! I have the Full Paid Dongle for Resolve12.5 Its great 


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