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Nikon D5200 - Urgent Noob Help Needed


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The 5200 arrived today, in 2 days I fly to the Phillipines. I hope to shoot some beautiful stuff in Palawan.


Although I am used to taking photos, I know barely anything about videos as I have literally just developing an interest in shooting them.


Can anyone give me the best settings I should be using etc?


Thanks so much

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Question is too broad my friend!


First of all put it in 1080/24p because they use NTSC in that country. Set the shutter to 1/50 if you have NDs, if not then you will need to use that and the aperture to control exposure. Get some fast SD cards. 16GB... Nothing too large like 64GB as losing so much data if you lose or damage one card is a bad idea. I tend to split my shoots between several cards rather than put all the eggs in one basket.


Picture profile I am using is Standard, sharpness on zero, contrast and saturation down just 1 notch. Don't shoot flat if you do low light stuff. Don't go above ISO 3200. Keep the ISO as low as possible in day light. Lenses I am using are Nikon 35mm F2.8 AI, Nikon 50mm 1.4 AI and Nikon 85mm F2.0 AIS.

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ND Filter = Neutral Density filter. Think of it as sunglasses for your camera. Very handy for keeping the aperture and shutter speed where you want. Honestly you should just go out and mess around with it before you leave. As long as you have a camera, lens, SD cards and the willingness to learn you'll be fine. Start with the basics. 1/50 shutter speed (generally). Keep the ISO relatively low, etc.

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Great thanks, sorry for being slow with the ND. I have several, but I couldnt understand why Andrew was mentioning them.


I assume he means use it rather than shutter speed, to control the light so the shutter stays at 1/50 and the apeture at whatever you have creatively selected.


The flight is a good opportunity to mess around with the thing anyway. :)


I have never got my head around how video works - ie, what does shutter speed even mean in the context of video?

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If you are new to video - my very best advice is: bring a laptop or plug your camera into a tv at the end of the day. The best way to improve your techniques is by shooting and reviewing the footage. Also, experiment when you have the time to do it!


By doing so, you will quickly learn what you like / don't like or what you did right / did wrong. Then you will have experience and a better idea of how to shoot the next day :)

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