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Dolby Vision said 4:4:4 ideal but depends on grading

Mat Mayer

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I have just seen that Dolby replied to my question about what specs we need for Dolby Vision. I was asking if 4:2:2 on the GH5 would work...

"Thanks for the question! We talked to some of the people who know the technology best, and the short answer is that lots of content can be color graded for Dolby Vision, but the best results often come from cameras capable of 4:4:4 capture."

I know nothing about colour science, just putting this out there in case anyone else was wondering. I assume with the high bitrate that the GH5 will make the grade, especially with solid 10 bit V Log with the summer bitrate upgrade?

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I think the more limiting factor would be the much smaller colorspace of GH5 compared to the Rec2020 that is used for Dolby vision. Then the limited dynamic range and bit depth would follow (yes 10 bit for dolby vision is not enough :) look at their white paper) . Somewhere there I guess you should see the limitations of 4:2:2. 

Here is the white paper for more info: https://www.dolby.com/us/en/technologies/dolby-vision/dolby-vision-white-paper.pdf

But it will be interesting to see how the Hybrid Log-Gamma fairs to VlogL.

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