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Test your camera. Surprising GH2 ISO results.


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I imagine this is probably old news to a few of you, but the results are still quite surprising. You really don't know what kind of noise performance you're getting until you do the tests. The results may vary from camera to camera and with different hacks, but it's enough to open your eyes.


The most surprising find for me was the excellent performance at ISO 1250 and the terrible performance at 250 and 320.


I recommend downloading the original file from Vimeo, but if you're going to stream it watch at 1080 on Youtube.



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I did account for the bug. Although I should have included my profile settings. It was Nostalgic with everything at -2.


At a glance it doesn't look that different from my results. 200, 320 and 400 seem exactly the same. 250 and 500 ridiculously unusable.


Edit: Ahhh I just found your thread lol. Probably would have been easier to link to it instead. Ohwell!

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