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Error lens detached with adaptors


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Hello. I am trying right now to use my nx500 with my sigma 18-35 (canon mount) using a cheap eos-nx adpator. The problem is that I always have the error "Lens detached" when I start to shoot with the camera. I saw a video on internet of a guy explaining how to fix it by putting a piece of tape on the adaptor but it doesn't look very clean. Is this the only solution to deal with this problem or is there another solution ? 

This is the video : 


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4 hours ago, cyril said:

Hello. Yes I have the hack. Are you talking about the option "No lens release" in the settings, if yes I selected it and it change nothing. 

It is a cheap adapter and these cheap no branded ones are usually horrible, better just go with the full steel ones like Novoflex which have amazing adapters, fotodiox is okayish if you want cheap and do not care for build quality as much, there no other solution to this issue other than the video one, you said the hack one wont solve your problem which is weird it lets me take pictures when I select it and remove the lens, which hack do you use? 

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56 minutes ago, cyril said:

I have the hack NX-KS2. The strange thing is that  when I start my camera I don't have the error, it's only when I stop recording that it appear. So I have to restart my camera all the time if I want to record again.

Sounds like an error you have to take up with the guy who made the hack, normally you could get into the advanced settings by pressing a few button sequences and disable it there which requires no hack whatsoever.

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