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  1. I have the hack NX-KS2. The strange thing is that when I start my camera I don't have the error, it's only when I stop recording that it appear. So I have to restart my camera all the time if I want to record again.
  2. Hello. Yes I have the hack. Are you talking about the option "No lens release" in the settings, if yes I selected it and it change nothing.
  3. Hello. I am trying right now to use my nx500 with my sigma 18-35 (canon mount) using a cheap eos-nx adpator. The problem is that I always have the error "Lens detached" when I start to shoot with the camera. I saw a video on internet of a guy explaining how to fix it by putting a piece of tape on the adaptor but it doesn't look very clean. Is this the only solution to deal with this problem or is there another solution ? This is the video :
  4. Thank you. So from what I understood the nx500 will do a great job for filmaking but the nx1 will be fantastic.
  5. I was thinking of something like this: There is many, many videos with great colors from the bmpcc and the bmcc on internet but I can't find even one from the samsung nx500.
  6. Ok , that means that I will never acheive the same cinematic quality of picture with the nx500 than with the bmpcc.
  7. Thank you, so it's possible to have the exact same flat profile picture from a hacked nx500 than from a nx1 with the same color grading possibilities. I've allready seen some videos from the nx1 that I liked but never from the nx500.
  8. Hello everybody, I had before a bmpcc (with speedbooster) and I was really happy with it but few weeks ago, I was robbed and I lost everything. So now I am looking to buy a very cheap camera for shooting narrative short movies. The samsung NX500 is cheap and has really incredible specs. I was thinking of using it with a Sigma 18-35 (via nikon mount adapter). But one thing that scares me is the color grading possibilities. The flat profile and raw footage from the bmpcc was really easy to grade and very cinematic. Is it possible to acheave this type of cinematic videos with the NX500? I am asking the question cause I haven't seen on the web for now a cinematic and beautifull video, well grade, from the NX500 , only few from the NX1, can the NX500 do the same or the absence of a flat profile make it impossible ? Thanks.
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