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working with MJPEG files

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Hi guys, I want to ask those of you who use Canon SLRs that use an MJPEG codec, what's your workflow processing big files, specifically in Premiere?


I'm pretty new to video, my main work is all stills. But, i'm starting to shoot video on an ongoing project as a way of adding to the documentary that i'm doing. I'm still new to video workflow in general, but MJPEG files have left me especially stuck.


Do you transcode them before importing into your editing software? if so, what app do you use? and what codec do you prefer to transcode into?


also, what are ways to reduce lag when editing 4K files? Create proxies?


Sorry for a beginner question, but any of you willing to give me a bit of help - I'd appreciate it

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10 minutes ago, gt3rs said:

On a powerful enough machine you can edit them in realtime without proxy or reencoding in Resolve. i7, ssd and with a good gpu with 4gb vram will do it. 

Yeah, FCPX has no trouble either on my MacBook Pro... but the question was regarding Premier Pro.

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