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The Canon 'C50' and what Canon need to do to fix the prosumer video range

Andrew Reid

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Cameras are cars. Seriously. One model, 5 different engines (well, more like one negine, five different cars around it when it comes to Canon APS-C). And for ones that need the extra bling, they pimp it a little and slap a different brand name one it, in this case "Cinema".

I don´t hate Canon. I made very good money thanks to them the last years. But they´re like a small restaurant, that gets popular, prices up like crazy and suddenly calls their home fries "pommes frittes"...

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I would have considered the C100 (even the C300) if they had full frame sensors. I prefer Canon's sensor design and slightly higher horizontal resolution, however the FS700 + Speed Booster is a super versatile camera and allows the use of existing lenses (without having to purchase more wides). Thus, the FS700 + SB makes a nice 5D3 upgrade. It also works very well for ENG/run&gun as the autofocus and stabilization of the kit lens works very well. The new Sony SELP-18200 lens has servo zoom and will work with the FS700's zoom rocker. If it's fast enough, could work well for "The Office" kinds of shots. I'm not aware of any autofocus/zoom lenses like this for Canon's large sensor cameras.

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A few things.

Firstly, theres no way canon will discontinue the c300 and c500.

Though you may not realize by reading blogs and forums, the c300 has been an incredible success. Second only to the alexa it is the most rented camera around. You could buy one strictly for renting, and pay it off in a few months.


The issue is that Canon is not a RED or an Arri..    How many employees does Canon have?  How many does Red or Arri?  Canon has camera's being sold in Bestbuy after all... I don't see any RED's or Arri's.  Canon is a mass market manufacturer.  It is not a speciality shop.  Having stock holders, and thousands of employee's to support -- having a few hundred or even thousands of c300 or c500 sold to rental shops isn't going to pay the bills.  Obviously, if they want to "downsize" into an Arri or Red, than yes, what Canon is doing is making sense.  Right now, I have a feeling Canon is trying to "feel the market" and trying to market segment its video cameras.  Its not working because of 3rd party companies like BMC, panasonic with its gh3's, sony, etc.  Also, I think more players will get into the game.

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