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c100 II/80D Combo Lens choices


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It just went down a few thousands during the summer! Even if it goes down, it will be more than twice the price for a long long time..

I honestly would prefer a C100markIII instead, with similar to the XC15 files, but a C100 nevertheless. C300 is a different animal than the 100 and you would need an upgrade to everything you own (tripods, monopods, sliders etc) to tame it sufficiently. We have one in the production company I work; most of the times I go with the C100ii.

You always have to consider the fact that the camera that you use now, is better than the one you haven't, or can't get!


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Just pulled the trigger!  Nervous/excited to see how I like the c100 II.  I ordered it with the 24-105 f4, I already have a Tamron 17-50 2.8 and figured these two lenses were a good start.  I can then decide if I need to sell the zooms for a faster zoom or just add 2-3 primes (24, 50, 85)


Are there any videos, blogs, articles I should read to get a head start on how to use this new weapon!?

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Follow-up:  I've stumbled upon videos, write-ups, posts on the X-T2.  I am curious why this is not spoken about more?  the video image seems to blow away the a7r/s II and gh4 in 4K...the colors rival the 5d IV.  


How's the ISO performance in low light for both photo and video?  I'd like a main stills cam and a b-cam for the c100 II?  I'd love to be able to do timelapses and photograghy/video with at least 6400 iso in low light with some fine grain and great images (clearly not an a7s II rival but those colors are horrendous to me).

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