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40mm/0.9 prime and much more while shooting 2x anamorphic

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Im really like to experiment and aside from 4x ana project i've combined more stuff to get me set i want. And i have some tip i want to share. Of course keep in mind thats for FF camera only (since im in love with shooting low light and obviously a7s series =) So since shooting anamorphic ure gonna crop a third of hFOV theres possibility of using speedbooster and get a load of interesting results. For ex. ive used 0.71x speedboosted Nikkor 55/1.2 (thats where i get 40/0.9 mentioned in topic =), i've got widest AND fastest setup i can get, which still OK with using with a7s rolling shutter effect (while its pretty wide =) And also its the only 2x 35-40mm combo with OOF character i like.

And here's some other recipe i can imagine: SB+85/1.4+KowaBH. Interesting to see hows look 60/0.95 with 2x anamorphic, dont u think?)

Ataching some stills from SB/ 55 1.2/ Lomo Sq. Fr. on a7s (on bottom - without any crop)


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4 hours ago, SigurdW said:

Am I understanding this correctly - you have speedboosted a full frame lens on a full frame sensor? Which on paper equals a 40mm 0.9? Is that really a 40mm FOV when you chop of the vignette or is the vignette in the equation? 

Haha, har to get my head around this :)

yes, it is a SB'ed FF lens on FF sensor. Yes. on paper its 40/0.9 since we crop to 2.4:1 anyway. In reality its something like 40/1.2 because front element of taking lens slightly bigger than rear element of Lomo ana and its totally ok because it taking away additional CA from SB. Strange bokeh - yes. Fallof corner resolution - yes. Increased center resolution - also yes) Im ok with all of that)

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4 hours ago, RuslanQ said:

i doubt you gonna shoot with this setup in real shooting scenario:)

u can doubt whatever u want. while i'm shooting

On 10/14/2016 at 2:17 AM, BrooklynDan said:

That actually looks pretty sharp. And quite dreamy. Reminds of some of the super high speed Panavision lenses used in Killing Them Softly and Heat. At T1.4 and down, the anamorphic character just goes through the roof.

and u can sharper any lens u choose in cost of little loss on corners. In atached picture dreamy look is belong more to the nature of 55/1.2 itself instead of created by ana.

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