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Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 or Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.2 Pro for the GH4?

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9 minutes ago, Brother said:

Black Friday meant a 15% discount on the Olympus 25/1.2 so i bought one. It's a pain in the a*s to use with the GX80 since the body is so small but still, great lens.


I love your work! Been looking forward to that 25mm 1.2 review for a while... :)

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On 1/17/2017 at 2:13 PM, jonpais said:

@Michael Ma I just saw a test of the Olympus f1.2 and it has some of the most consistent sharpness from center to edge I've ever seen. The actual center values never reach the spectacular results seen on some lenses when stopped down, but it appears to be an excellent instrument that should satisfy the most demanding user.

Thanks jon.  I definitely would love this lens...actually, I don't think a day hasn't gone by where I haven't thought about getting one but there have been some patent filings for a Leica 25mm 1.2....so I'm going to hold out for a year or two.  I know it really makes no sense image quality wise but I gotta build some anticipation in my life somehow.  :grin:

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Olympus PRO has a more clinical look, the Leicas are more about smooth character. You could say one is a surgeon saving people's lives and the other an actor like George Clooney. Not to say that you can't have a smooth doctor or an actor without much of an attitude. Think it's also about what you shoot with it, maybe the Oly is more for landscape and Panaleica more suited for people. Again. Not to say one cannot mean the other, just the natural tendencies I think each has.

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