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Do Sony Picture Profiles affect Raw Stills?

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When I shoot video in Slog-2, then switch to manual for stills, it seems that PP7 is affecting the color of those images. I am shooting RAW, and from what I thought, RAW files were data straight from the sensor. How is this happening? 

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Yes, PP's have an impact on raws, the minimum Iso still applies and such. I can't remember if you're getting a 14-bit file either, but its been awhile since I tinkered with slog stills. I would only use it for quick stills in my videos, otherwise no PP when shooting stills. Dpreview talked about it with the RX100IV, and I've seen discussions elsewhere if you search: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-cybershot-dsc-rx100-iv/15  

This is from Sony's help guide:

Since the parameters are shared for movie and still images, adjust the value when you change the shooting mode.

If you print RAW images with shooting settings, the following settings are not reflected.

Black Level

Black Gamma


Color Depth

If you change [Gamma], the available ISO value range changes.

There may be more noise in dark parts depending on the gamma settings. It may improve by setting the lens compensation to [Off].

When using S-Log2 gamma, the noise becomes more noticeable compared to when using other gammas. If the noise still is significant even after processing pictures, it may be improved by shooting with a brighter setting. However, the dynamic range becomes narrower accordingly when you shoot with a brighter setting. We recommend checking the picture in advance by test shooting when using S-log2.

Setting [ITU709(800%)] or [S-Log2] may cause an error in the white balance custom setup. In that case, set the exposure bright first and then perform custom setup.

Setting [ITU709(800%)] or [S-Log2] disables the [Black Level] setting.

If you set [Slope] to +5 in [Manual Set], [Knee] is set to [Off].

S-Gamut is a color space unique to Sony that provides a wide color space equivalent to film cameras. However, S-Gamut setting of this camera does not support the whole color space of S-Gamut; it is a setting to realize a color reproduction equivalent to S-Gamut.

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I have noticed this too. Quite bizarre. One interesting thing to note is that Fujifilm's cameras have a dynamic range setting, which when raised to maximum requires an ISO 800 exposure setting. When I had a Fuji I used to always use this maximum setting and I think I very rarely saw blown out highlights. The a6300's SLOG2 and 3 also require an ISO 800 and also handle highlights very well (at least in JPG/movies), not sure how exactly this affects raw. 

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Devon - settings affecting the actual quality of processed raw files or simply being reflected in the way the raw files look in camera? On my A7R II and RX10 II, PP settings are carried over from video to stills (which is a pain). You should, however, be able to subsequently process your raw still files to whatever look you want although when you first open them in your processing application they will, to a greater or lesser extent, reflect the camera's settings (as far as the software can interpret these). 

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