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Scott Goldberg

For FS700 Users - Question on Picture Profile Setting I did....

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Posted this on PhilipBloom.net and figured I'd post here as well: In these clips, these are some exposure changes I did with the black and gray ball bringing them down slightly in FCP X Color Correction setting. Feel free to download the original and let me know your thoughts on the clips.... Each exposure changed clip are the 2nd and 4th of the 4 clips... I'm curious if there's anything I need to change from the PP setting I've done, as I listed below:


For bleak type days I really like it.... Change Color Mode though? Remember I want the least noise with the ability to slightly color grad without it getting noisy much. I'm not doing heavy color grading, maybe just exposure "pull downs" here and there to make the blacks darker as in the video:




Black Level -1
Gamma Cine2
Black Gamma - Range High, Level -7
Knee - Auto
Color Mode - ITU709 Matrix, Level 8
Color Level -4
Color Phase -2
Color Depth - R +1, G -1, B 0, C-1, M +2, Y 0
WB Shift - Filter Type LB-CC - LB/CC/CC/R AND B GAIN are 0
Detail - 5

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I will test at some point, but I thought the Cine gammas control the gamma curve completely, and that the Knee (% determines where it starts) would not do anything when a Cine gamma was enabled (read from a blog post- haven't verified it by testing).


Also note that Color Depth works the opposite as one might think: + values lower output levels and - values raise them.

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