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help to choose. xc10, c100, 5d MK III


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I have to choose a cam for my personal project, short and film, 0 budget... 

these three cam are very different but each cam have something that interest me, and other lack


-all in one. lens (i don't care it's fix 2.8-5.6), stabilizzazion, take and shot

-4k 305 Mb 422, 10 bit with external recorder.



-true cinema camera, ND filter, battery life, double XLR, iso range

-file very small, don't need NASA pc



RAW 14 bit!!11!1!! (i try to grade some footage 14 bit raw, and went from an a7s all it's wooow)

Dynamic range amazing



I think raw came from 5d3 it's the best image i can get from a cinema camera under 5000€.... but the 5d has every unpractical things of the reflex.

so I have been considering the c100 and xc10, unfurtunately c log on xc10 seams to me less flat to the other canon CC

I don't want sony, I sold my A7S





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Go with the c100 and the 35mm f2 IS. Everything you need, really. Most people will not care about the dynamic range difference. And a 5D: you will later have to buy a rig, a xlr audio solution, expensive cards, nd filters, and have time to transcode everything. And also, consider an used c300. People made features with the beast, and they won the Palme d'Or.

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