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Focusing- anamorphic first or prime? Proper alignment Q too


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I have Canon 5dm3. My prime is Leica 90mm. Using Kowa 8Z with redstan clamp.


1. When attaching the Kowa what is the proper way to align it to the prime? Should both the focus rings turn in the same direction? Do I align the infinity symbol of both the Kowa and Leica? If so, I noticed that when doing so the Kowa turns in opposite direction of Leica when focusing.


2. Since they both need to focus at "same time" when beginning initial focusing should I try to focus the prime first and then the Kowa or start with the Kowa?


Thank you

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With focusing on the Kowa it'll take a while to get used to getting into perfect focus, but once you get the nac it becomes second nature.

Oh, the Kowa really is pristinely sharp so don't be fooled if it looks soft (also zoom in x5 helps) & sometimes the readings on both lenses don't match 100%, so be willing to tweek.

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i focus the other way,... taking lens first, then the anamorphic.


it might be a bit assbackwards but you can see your zone of focus move back and forth so i sort that out, then i can just turn the anamorphic till its clear(er) or read the distance off the taking lens.

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