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Sony FS5 RAW/Prores footage... where is it?

Jonesy Jones

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8 hours ago, Jonesy Jones said:

After looking through the B&H website and Atamos' site it appears as though the Inferno will do everything the 7Q+ (with firmware) will do. But I thought I read somewhere the 7Q+ will do 120 4K at 4 sec bursts, if so, the Atamos won't do that. 

I'd also say the Inferno is by far the superior monitor on many levels. I got to see it in person at NAB. It's gorgeous. Personally, I lean toward the Inferno for several reasons. One of them being that I try to avoid companies, Convergent, that obfuscate the costs of their products, which tells me their hiding other things too. 

Mitch though is extremely open and helpful on the forums however. Such as DVXuser

5 hours ago, Oliver Daniel said:

Grey imports are even more expensive than UK prices now. Not everywhere. But majorly!

The Inferno is sexier, but that elusive 4K 120fps.....

BUT......The 7Q annoys me with the own brand SSDs and the license thing. 

They allow specific 3rd party SSDs now

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