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Sound design workflow tutorial

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I am looking to learn some sound design for commercials. Does anybody know some good tutorials. I am looking for something like where a whole commercial gets dissected and to see how the workflow should be. Why to do this kind of thing and that, and if you do this you could mix this. Like a high level workflow overview. I want to learn that first. 

After I get what the best workflow is, I would like to learn about the tools they are using. But I feel I should first get the bigger picture(how everything firts togheter nicely) then start learning a specific tool and not knowing how to implement it into a project.


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Hi zero - it's a long old road to get to the level needed for commercial work - the main attribute you'll need to master is getting on with people (usually rooms full, all with completely different ideas lol) All the basic principles of sound engineering are exactly the same in TV, Film and Ad work, so you're looking at several years of slog and learning with little pay and long hours to absorb all the skills you'll need, sadly I don't think a youtube tutorial would help. Try looking for internships or work experience on short films as a starting point and get your head down learn and enjoy. Good luck - it's worth the time-sink and pain in the end !

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As Youtube generic videos go these are very easy on the eye (and ear!) gives some very sound advice (pardon the pun) and all worth a watch to give you an idea of the possibilities of plugin use and their similarities to "real world" hardware and pratices, check out his career building videos - solid advice there:

Michael White

Also Pro Tools Expert is a fantastic site devoid of the usual audio trolling and nonsense, and hosts a wealth of knowledge, not all necessarily related to Pro Tools :

Pro Tools Expert

I use a good friend in Germany (Düsseldorf) for some film and TV foley work, and he may be able (with a few beers) to offer some work experience if its not too far away - and to be honest what he does is "real" sound design - fiddling with Massive and Reaktor for me is just twiddling, he was trained by the best foley artists ever and never ceases to amaze me how he makes some of the sounds I request, take a peek at his site and throw me a line and I can hook you up, he's as mad as a box of frogs lol, but amazing.

Foley Lounge






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