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Nx1 Motion Cadence

Shane Mcdermott

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Just wondering if anybody else here shoots 24fps with shutter speed set at 1/40? and what is your opinions on the NX1s 

I find using 1/50 looks far too choppy, I remember noam kroll saying the gh3 was kind of famous for this also.always looked best at 1/40.

it would seem to fit with what we have already seen samsung do with this camera. adding rediculous sharpening and noise reduction, and even when you think you have turned it off or lowered it, you in-fact have not. It seems their aim was to have a deceiving image that looked cleaner and sharper than any other camer on the market.

A good example is the attached video at 58 seconds, compared to the 5d in the rest of the video. the nx1 just has such a video movement feel at 1/50.


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I would really like to see a direct comparison between two exactly identical shots, one with nx1 and the other with some other camera.

Because there are so many things to consider when looking at this motion cadence thing. I don't think there is a rolling shutter camera on which you can do a mid to fast pan and it would look smooth on 24 or 25 progressive scan.

I think there are too much variables when comparing different shots - camera movement, subject movement, sharpness (blur the image a bit and the sharp vertical lines won't seem so jumpy), shutter speed, framerate, contrast, depth of field...

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