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finding an editor


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Have a load of footage and need it edited for a spot.  Have a "vision" more or less what I want, but ultimately want it professionally edited.  So my idea is to find a good editor, and literally sit with them and work on the edit collaboratively together.

Any idea how I should go about finding someone local(ish) to me?


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A friendly piece of advice. There are some red flags in your post that experienced editors will be sensitive to. Specifically, the notion of sitting together for the duration of the edit and looking over their shoulder for every creative decision that's made. That's rarely conducive to an editor doing their best work. So, be sure you are looking for a professional editor and not someone to push the buttons for you. It's not the same thing.

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@Geoff CB am in the UK.  I work in London while I live to the east of London (Essex/Suffolk).

@Zak Forsman yup I know the me looking over an editor's shoulder can seem like a creative no-no, but you need to keep in mind A LOT has gone into to shooting the spot so far.  Concept, script, music etc.. my vision is going to be instrumental in making this happen.

For the audio I went into a studio and spent a couple of hours or so in sorting out the track (VO + music) that we will use and the collaborative aspect of things worked really well.  So I know working closely as a team can bear fruit.

@Policar yup good idea - will at least triage the footage I've got to save some time.



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