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Should I buy a g7?


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I currently use nikon d5300,  Ok for what I do (usability aside). Anyone out there thats used it and a G7, and can tell me any differences?  G7 is dirt cheap in aus at the moment, and I was thinking about it for the option of shooting 4k stock footage (for my own use), that'll stand the test of time better than the nikon's slightly soft 1080. I already have a speedbooster

I've seen wildly different reports on its low light ability. Some say max 800 iso, some say 3200...  I know I try to keep the nikon below 1600, and that if I try to lift the shadows at all at that iso it falls apart quickly.  I had a gh2, I know the nikon handles contrast much better than that did - not sure how the g7 compares to the gh2


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