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GH3 Availability in the US?


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BH has been slacking latly on new releases it seems like.

adorma, amazon, and samys has had multiple shipemtns of gh3's

I'm pretty sure BH STILL doesn't carry the Hero 3 Black.

I haven't checked in the past couple days, BH also doesn't have any GH3 battery grips or mics

in stock, which are 2 more items that other places have managed to get more regularly.



very few people have said they have received their BMCC from BH, so hopefully that's the one

camera that they can keep coming at a progressive pace.


I still love BH and they are the best as far as inventory, but some things seem a little off, like the GP3 black


Also i'm 95% sure they don't carrry SLR Magic products....anybody know why?

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B&H just has way higher demand than any other camera store. Manufacturers do favor them because of this, and they often times get more product than other stores, but not at a scale relative to the massive skew in customer base. There is no way for them to keep up with basically the entire country turning to them first for new equipment.

Anyways, I took gravitatemediagroup's advice and was able to snag one from Samy's. Canceled my order at B&H after they told me that I would likely not get one from their current shipment.. Excited to finally get this thing all up in my gob.
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