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Help�Can't import C300 .MXF footage in Any editing software�


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Hello, Mastersï¼

I was a concert director, I'm the first in China to use C300 shooting concerts, we use six C300 camera, with six SanDisk CF 64G 600X 90M / S, all the cameras did in the pre-test, I usuallyalso used C300 camera shooting TVC and movie.

Footage of a C300, C300 and five other file formats and directory are the same, but is unable to import any editing software (including FCP EDUIS,, VEGAS, AE, .....)

This is a very important camera bit, I cry .....

Attached is a picture of this directory, a "temp" is not the same as the other five C300 material, whether it is for this reason, there are still other reasons?

My English is not good, I hope you can understand
Request Members masters help, thank you very much!

My e-mail address:datesestudio@qq.com
Thanks againï¼


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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

 You need to copy whole directory structure of the card with all the files so should use the Canon XF Utility to backup your CF cards to the computer & then import into your NLE. Premiere Pro CS6 will import without any plugin required. Final Cut & Avid require a piece of Canon software as detailed above.

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Thank nigelbb&TJB,I find the problem, and the damage of the catalog file Check the attachments and because design to Canon coding, I in for help Canon, if anyone can know more about this(INDEX.MIF files garbled ), Hope  get your helpï¼


Thinksï¼Happy New Year & best wishesï¼


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Try using Blackmagic Resolve to convert your MXF to something you can use.  We use it to convert all footage (Alexa, RED, Etc) and get it into our Avid editing systems.


It's faster than transcoding in Avid or most other programs, its compatible with almost every format, and its free.

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Don't waste money on shareware that usually just wraps around ffmpeg.  I just created this to export Sony Long-GOP into MP4s.   Slight variation for C300 I think.  You probably have more audio channels, etc.  Anyway, I run this .BAT file in a folder where I have my files and it creates another copy in \mp4_1080 (you can call it something different).  I use a variation with my LX100 where I shoot 4K, then want it downscaled.  You want to get a script that works for you then no more worries.  That is, take some time to learn ffmpeg.  It will SAVE YOUR BACON one day ;)

echo OFF
REM title Converting...

REM ***** CONFIG *****
REM like F:\Files2015_Maxotics\Video\
REM fold= curent folder
set fold=%~dp0 
set ext=*.MXF
REM dest = curent folder + mp4_1080
REM like F:\Files2015_Maxotics\Video\mp4_1080\
REM change to whatever you like...
set dest=%~dp0\mp4_1080\ 
REM ***** END CONFIG *****

:: This makes the target folder
::MD "%fold%"
MD "%dest%"

REM make sure you have correct path to ffmpeg.exe

for %%f in (%fold%%ext%) do "C:\Files2013_VidPhotoSoft\ffmpeg\64bit\bin\ffmpeg.exe" -i %%f -map 0:0 -filter_complex "[0:1] [0:2] amerge" -acodec aac -b:a 256k -strict -2 -vcodec copy -sn "%dest%%%~nf.mp4"

REM if errors, pause so command window doesn't lcose
REM pause


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