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  1. ......The following 1 video(s) can not be read: "AA000201.MXF" :(
  2. Thank nigelbb&TJB,I find the problem, and the damage of the catalog file Check the attachments and because design to Canon coding, I in for help Canon, if anyone can know more about this(INDEX.MIF files garbled ), Hope get your helpï¼ Thinksï¼Happy New Year & best wishesï¼
  3. Hello, Mastersï¼ I was a concert director, I'm the first in China to use C300 shooting concerts, we use six C300 camera, with six SanDisk CF 64G 600X 90M / S, all the cameras did in the pre-test, I usuallyalso used C300 camera shooting TVC and movie. Footage of a C300, C300 and five other file formats and directory are the same, but is unable to import any editing software (including FCP EDUIS,, VEGAS, AE, .....) This is a very important camera bit, I cry ..... Attached is a picture of this directory, a "temp" is not the same as the other five C300 material, whether it is for this reason, there are still other reasons? My English is not good, I hope you can understand Request Members masters help, thank you very much! My e-mail address:datesestudio@qq.com Thanks againï¼
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