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  1. Look Stab you are exactly the person that you are worried about. I don’t post much on the internet but this idea is so misguided I had to come out and say something. I’ve been in the business for 14 years now and I thought that with FCP v2 and miniDV as a tape format the industry would explode within 2 years and belatedly it has, but not how I expected it to. It was DSLR’s that really changed the game. No one is transferring film to miniDV so they can cut film jobs in FCP, people are now shooting with digital negative! The Blackmagic cameras are absolutely amazing because th
  2. Try using Blackmagic Resolve to convert your MXF to something you can use. We use it to convert all footage (Alexa, RED, Etc) and get it into our Avid editing systems. It's faster than transcoding in Avid or most other programs, its compatible with almost every format, and its free.
  3. Sorry I shouldn't keep double posing but I should have posted this ages ago. Glenn Thomas I think you doing some amazing work with no budget, I'm impressed by your music videos on Vimeo. I've cut a few music videos myself so I know how much work they are, and you've done heaps of them! I can't wait to see you take it to the next level! Your stuff keeps getting better each time.
  4. Thanks araucaria for the advice, I have a 20D that my bother-in-law GAVE me!! I've taken some great shots with it but it doesn't do video unfortunately. I've been saving for a year and I'll probably have $2k Australian dollars when I buy my gear, but I'm thinking I'd be better off spending the bulk of that on some glass like some Zeiss ZF's that I can adapt to almost any camera. I probably should get cheap body which I can upgrade later and ZF's will let me move to any brand. I rented a ZF 50mm f1.4 for a shoot and it felt and looked great! Though when I was at the rental place I pl
  5. Also EyeSoul your stuff looks amazing! It really makes me want to buy an A6000!
  6. DigitalWarS I'm in the same boat for my home camera. The 70D has a higher data rate for its H.264 but apparently moire is an issue which is yet unproven for the A6000. The 70D does not have a EVF which is SUPER useful shooting in full sun. Nor is MagicLantern there yet. The Technicolor Cynestyle is fantastic for making the most of consumer cameras, I'm constantly amazed at how well this stuff grades with the Alexa and RED footage we normally get. To be fair the 5D H.264 is terrible compared to those cameras but you can get them in the same ballpark and cut between them, which for a
  7. Thanks gethin! Looks pretty good to me, seems like it held up in grade. I assume it doesn't have S-log but does it have a flat mode a la Cinestyle for the 5D? I'm constantly amazed at how well that holds up in grade, it's nothing compared to real cameras and codecs, but it means you can do a little something before the picture implodes. Thanks again for posting this video!
  8. Thanks troilus910, its mostly is for home movies, I work in post so anything is going to look bad compared to what I normally get as rushes. I'm looking for a combo camera cheap because I want to buy ZF's and adapt them to it. I've played with a BMPCC at the rental place next door and it looks amazing but I'm unsure I want to deal with the crop factor and the lensing requirements, also it doesn't shoot stills. A BMPCC and a good used M4/3 stills would be about the same as a GH4 right? So tough to make a decision! A7s looks great but I couldn't afford any lenses!
  9. Hi guys I'm in the market for one of these but I can get a NEX6 for about half the price of an a6000. I'm sure stills are great on both cameras but are there enough video improvements to make it worth the additional money? Regards AndrewS
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