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forget slr magic here is a vintage gem on ebay usa.

tony wilson

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Yeah there are maybe 5 reputable camera dealers in Hawaii, the rest are more like pawn shops.  Nobody has any real stock unless it's Canon.  And anything anamorphic?  Forget it.  These days everything I order is online, and fleabay is the only real resource for me.  I agree with Rudolf and Tony, some of the "deals" are so shady.  I really hate to work with fleabay, but not much alternatives for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'll pay $3-4K for a good ISCO, in fact I almost bought an ISCO36 two months ago until the seller backed out.  But it's just getting crazy how much these B grade or worse lenses are selling for...

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Got my Bolex about three weeks ago.   Got my Redstan clamp last week & it's fantastic!  I hope to get out into the field tomorrow & do some serious shooting with it.   I've done some minor test-shoots with it & it's great....   On the GH2, I can shoot with a super Tak 35mm at f2 with the very slightest vignette.   Stopped down, it increases.   28mm gives a little to much vignette, IMO... The Restan Clamp can only get the two lenses so close together.... they'd have to be touching to get rid of the vignette, probably.

The Konica 40mm is sharp as hell even at f1.7... and there's almost zero distortion.... Freakin' awesome.

20628_10151387392271081_1054487844_n.jpgHere it is on the Tak 35.   Dual focusing is really NOT an issue.  It's fast & simple.

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