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going wider?


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TDKR was the same in theaters I believe as you describe your bluray. All formats filled the screen fully in the horizontal dimension, and the aspect ratio changes took place by varying the black bars on top and bottom frame. I'm not bashing that technique, by the way . . . but if you want to fake non-anamorphic footage as anamorphic, I'd say the aspect ratio is the first place to start, especially if you are intercutting it with real anamorphic footage. The aspect ratio changes in TDKR scream "look, this footage is different from that footage!"

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Century Optics x0.8 infront of Isco Anamorphic lens works really well , this gives super wide anamorphic image no vingetting also try the Olympus x0.8 and X0.7 both are very good and work infront

.... and that's a fact. If you have perfected the story and screenplay is screen worthy and the audio is transparent and grading is coherent then intercut to a few shots taken through the bottom of be

Cool,   I was flicking through the filmography and thinking to myself - this looks a lot like my DVD collection ;) 

wow, i really need to watch that movie now,...


i shot part of an event in the wrong mode a couple of weeks ago, and the aspect ratio change was annoying as hell. having said that, there are enough movies and shows on tv i've seen that start out letterboxed and then they gradually fade away and i cant say i've found that too distracting.


but yeah, provided you've got the aspect ratios the same, the exposure is the same since you lose a bit with an attachment, the grading is close, the depth of field is similar, it would be really hard to differentiate.


i was surprised at how well they blended and how easy it was to match the different shots yet still retain the feel of anamorphic because the leading shot was anamorphic.


and even when it isnt, i think our brains expect a certain amount of change at a cut so  it becomes a non-issue really.


besides, if the story is so compelling that one actually notices,.. then i think the film has bigger problems than what it was shot on  :P

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