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Adventures with the 5D Mark III and Canon 135mm F2L in Croatia

Andrew Reid

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hi from Croatia

First i want to thnx u from the great job on this site, u make me choose the Panasonic GH2 over Nikon D5100 and even Olympus E620 or Pen(iam a big fan of Oly :D). Thnx a lot!

Well , iam not very experienced in video recording with my GH2 or other cameras, but what i can tell u about
the gear u used for recording this short is that its not impressive... well iam not speaking about color,composition,editing... its just the sarpnes of the entire video, is not very sharp. Could be dof at f2.0...but well, for the money for lens and camera ... its not good, really not good(only the video-the photos looks great).
I dont want to criticize ur video from any technical or artistic aspect.. i really like the colors, composition expecially the green lighted church window , and the cats...its just that if this is a pro gear from Canon,well not impresed at all.

U can achieve same results on GH2 with some cheap lenses lik Helios 44-2 or Cosinon 50mm f1.4+x2 crop factor of the sensor and u get 100mm f2.0 or f1.4, a little wider then the lens u have used.
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I don't spend a lot of time 'pixel-peeping' and 'measure-bating' from one camera make to another. I've made piles of money shooting Canon full-frame video, and it does many things well... namely, headshot interviews, which is where I make most of my money. It's not well-suited for landscapes and deep DOF shots, as Andrew tells us time and time again. Lucky for me, I don't make any money shooting that stuff. There's other makes of cameras for that, though. As to which is 'money better spent' or 'too expensive', just know that less than a half-decade ago, filmmakers would DREAM to have the quality of video at a sub five-figure price point that people trash and deride today as 'over-priced' or 'greedy'. I say, go out and shoot with WHATEVER make of gear you have and work on your craft, lighting, and storytelling. Transcend your gear and its limitations.
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[quote name='ScreensPro' timestamp='1351964278' post='20969']
all the same things that everyone was absolutly in love with a few years ago are still there, and they have removed aliasing, moire and will soon offer 4:2:2 uncompressed out. They are not as sharp as the GH2/3.... Neither of those holds a candle to the Canon's colour and DR though.

If you are in the budget $10k or below range... expect comprimise. The BMCC has great features, but a small sensor and is not a stunning, professional DSLR... The RED One is a beauty, but a tank of a camera and will require $2k+worth of tripod and many $$$$ of accesories. Comprimises.

I wouldnt knock the BMCC too low on that scale, its does everything you mention here better, except for the 5D's full frame ability's. Sure, shooting in lower light is great, except that alot of natural light is not very pleasing, you'll still need lights or reflectors. To each his own, to me I find the BMCC is very pleasing to me and I dont like the use of extreme DOF unless needed. With RED One body and brain going for around $4K I think alot of people might be going RED soon, even if its slightly used.
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I have a BMCC on order.... I'm not dissing it. But I am well aware that it offers some comprimises over, say, a 5DIII (for a similar price). That is my point... You have to choose what is important to you.

I choose BMCC as I don't need ridiculous DOF and love DR, raw and the 10bit ProRes option. For my nature/landscape work, it ticks the right boxes.

My brother, who is a stills/video professional chose the 5dIII for obvious reasons. Top quality stills, with good, aliasing/moire free video, for things like weddings.

As Brian above mentions, 5-6 years ago, we were dreaming of a camera like the 5DIII and would have paid $10k easily. I was lugging around a HVX200 with a huge 35mm adapter and a $1500 tripod to accomodate it. When I view footage from my bro's 5DIII on a good HD monitor, i'm blown away.... I have to pinch myself to remember it is shot on a tiny DSLR.
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