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Anyone use Mercalli V2?


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I have download both the trial versions- standalone and 64bit plugin for Premiere Elments.
When using the standalone version it prompts me to install the K-lite codec pack. When I downloaded and looked at it, there is a vast list of items you can choose to install. I am never happy installing loads of these codecs which might have a negative effect on my other installed software. Indeed it did warn prior to installing it that one of the items listed would replace and impact on my PowerDVD! So cancelled the installation. Does anyone know what of this list of codecs I would need to tick? Anyway ruuning the standalone V2 without this pack seemed ok apart from no sound on any clips I put through the software and them saved! I guess that is caused by the codec issue?

The plugin version seems better as that did not give any messages about installing any codec packs. And I have sound as well. But while a couple of test results produced good results the software struck me as being a bit glitchy. With one clip one moment be processed ok, but them later when I tried the same clip incorperated into a longer clip the V2 made it more unsteady rather than less!! I also notice that while clips from my Nikon D5100 which has H264 are shown as progessive with the auto detect. MTS files from the GH2 are listed as lower field and I have to change it to progessive. Is that because it is a 50i wrapper?
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I find sometimes it's better than warp stabiliser and sometimes not. It doesn't seem to work with clips that are rate-stretched within the Premiere timeline, which is a ball-ache. Sometimes it totally refuses to detect a clip properly and then works fine. I found the presets in the top right work well, but as soon as you use advanced options things can either be nicer or totally haywire...
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Do you use it as a plugin or standalone as well?
Used as a plugin it seems fine. But it when trying to use it as a standalone that is when I got no sound. Also I was given a message about having to install this codec pack. But the number of items this pack wanted to install including media players seemed excessive and did not wish to risk mucking up existing video/audio settings which currrently work fine. If ProDAD could have advised me exactly which ones I should try, I might have given it a go. But their reply was to link me to that codec pack and ask me to install it!

Overall I have been quite impressed with the plugin version. But like you say it either does a great job or fails and creates an unpleasant side effects.
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