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Sony A99 can shoot video at 4:3!!!!


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12mbs isnt that bad considering the less pixels. but I imagine it will be 30fps as it is with the other sony cams. I think if you can use a 2x anamorphic at realistic aspect ratios thanks to the original less wide sensor the lower bitrate might be worth it. the question is, what is better? cropping a 3.55:1 result from a 2x anamorphic fitted to a 16:9 sensor running at 24mbs avchd and losing almost 1/3rd of the sensor information to get nearer the 2.35 aspect ratio, or using more of the 16:9 sensor (around 5/8ths?) when set to 4:3 mode and working with the vastly lower quality out of date mp4 30p codec..
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