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  1. If A is the 4K video then NX1 has one of the most amazing detailed UHD image ever!! A>>>B
  2. 1080p 120fps looks very sharp!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW5Ov1AkFHc&list=UUeGY9Pqfd1puuCv8LpsPx3Q
  3. Ok I am officially impressed with teh NX1's image...look at those skin tones! Kudos to Samsung for getting their color science right. This image really "feels" good.
  4. Thanks for the early footage. Detail looks great! I see what your saying about the sharpness being just right. Can you please do a 1080p 60 and 120p video next time please. Just want to see how the internal 1080p looks like that it too is downsampled from the entire sensor. is it any special compared to the BMPocket/A7s/C100/C300. Thanks!
  5. "JK: Actually, we just didn't implement that functionality, but the DRIMe V and the sensor could do it. When the guys in R&D were working on the Samsung Auto Shot feature, they recorded live 28 megapixel, 240 fps "video" to help with the debugging. We didn't see there being an application for that, at least for very, very few people." WOW!! 7K AT 240P!!! And they thought no one would like that!!!?? Can we all please send a massive email request to Samsung to unlock even just 4K at 240p!! Or even just 1080p!! This NX1 DrimE V processor and BSI sensor is baaad azzzzz. http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2014/09/27/photokina-interview-samsung-nx1-redefine-pro-performance-quantum-leap-tech "
  6. Please more info on the slo motion mode. Are there assignable custom buttons?
  7. And they tested at ISO 100, where the base ISO of the A7s is 3200 "Base ISO of #a7s in Slog2 is 3200!!!-Matt Allard". Base ISO = Max DR.
  8. DXOMark must be using older firmware because this is some serious DR from "actual" A7s shoots via Matt Allard's twitter: https://twitter.com/mattallardACS/status/478914394785472512/photo/1
  9. For an F5 owner/user, these are pretty bold words. Can't wait for more of his A7s video. Den Lennie : "looks like f5 footage with 15+ stops of DR and great resolution and detail"
  10. Completely agree. The processing that takes place for videos is way different than for stills, and with that in mind ISO 12,800 looks this awesome! That is from a VLC snapshot of the downloaded footage from Youtube. If it looks that good in Youtube, for sure it looks even better uncompressed.
  11. So I guess the catch is, no internal 4K. Rather thru any cheap external recorder only.
  12. A7s announcement was pretty short. S stands for sensitivity. It can go from ISO 50-409,000 It will be very very very clean in lowlight. The slide said it will record 4K via HDMI to various 3rd party recorders. Internally Full HD. It will be the first intervhangeable lens still camera to feature FULL PIXEL READ OUT to do video which means the full HD will be bery very high quality. Dynamic range has been touted to be extremely high too. Both still images and video was shown. They said this is their first push towards a continous developmwnt of the Alpha mount system in slowly merging consumer and professional products. A 28-135 F4 powerzoom lens is also in development for this full frame video beast.
  13. For audio, that new Sony hotshoe is magic. You can attach this awesome accesory and you'll get dual XLR inputs. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/892383-REG/Sony_xlr_k1m_XLR_Adapter_Microphone_Kit.html
  14. Awesome image quality when extrnally recorded! http://vimeo.com/m/80647773
  15. Really? In what way does sthe D800 and the Mark 3's internal video quality be any better than the A99's/VG900? They are all compressed h.264s! And Sony's AVCHD is the best of those compressed formats..so really..can you please explain to me how any of those two are any better? I dont get it. You can record externally thru hdmi if you want less compressed image ...you get that from the D800..but NOT on the MK3.
  16. After seeing this video, https://vimeo.com/49875510 , h.264 cameras dont interest me anymore. I say deat to 4:2:0!!!
  17. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1344704940' post='15307'] What you list is pretty amazing, when you have all that (inc. peaking, etc.) what 'cinema quality features' are you referring to that would improve a DSLR? Raw codec? We have Blackmagic for that. 10bit colour, etc.? It doesn't make a huge difference. I'd be very happy with that list alone. [/quote] Cinema quality features as in RAW codec or LOG uncompressed option, HD-SDI port, XLR etc... Yes the Blackmagic Cam is enough for the Indie filmmakers requirements for low price cinema camera. For event filmmakers though, the massive filesizes of uncompressed and RAW is just not that nescessary for the mid-level post prod , quick delivery requirements (same day edit) and run n gun shooting that they do. I should know, I shoot weddings for a living..using all Nex cameras. (FS100,VG10,Nex 5Ns and 7).
  18. Dont expect cinema quality features from this guys...Sony have already have the fsand cinealta series for that. They are great at product targeting, and this will be aimed specifically for the majority of the people who buys 5Ds...wedding videographers and journalists. At best Id the video improvements that will be invluded are : 1. Better sampling technique (As Andrew suggested) 2. 50mbps or more codec AVC ULTRA internal codec 3. A 120fps / 240fps burst mode 4. Massive dynamic range because of the new sensor 5. Focus micro control and rack focus speed control...they might almost perfect video autofocus that it might just be desirable to use it on majority of task for accuracy and ease, which is very convenient for eventfilmmakers and journalists. 6. Unlikely but who knows we might get surprised ( removable SLT assembly revealing an emount version underneath) and couple that with an apsc mode for video.
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