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PC - MAC to big, bad RAW files


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You can transcode from Raw to 2.5K ProRes 444, saving half the space. But you will need some sort of USB 3.0 / eSata or Firewire 800 SSD reader. You can't transcode the ProRes on the same SSD as the raw, you won't fit it all under 480GB.

Buy a 3GB internal HDD and an eSata 3.5" HDD / 2.5" SDD IcyBox reader / dock with two slots, Firewire connectivity on the back for your Mac. Don't use USB 2.0.
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A £300 NVidia CUDA card like the GTX 670 [url="http://www.ebuyer.com/367979-palit-geforce-gtx-670-2gb-gddr5-displayport-hdmi-dual-dvi-pci-e-graphics-ne5x67001042-1042f"]http://www.ebuyer.co...x67001042-1042f[/url]

And DaVinci Resolve, which comes with the camera.

8GB RAM minimum, i5 or i7 CPU

eSATA / USB 3 for external drive storage

At least 3GB RAID internally

External 6GB to start with either in multiple USB drives or a NAS.
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the best thing about thunderbolt is that you are not stuck with internal HDs and cards anymore...there is so much bandwidth that it makes more sense to just get external enclosures (especially with ssd prices coming down) and bypass the internal HD....ram is getting cheaper as well....
buy the latest and greatest iMac, sell yours on ebay, get thunderbolt externals and sell/upgrade to the newest/best imac next year again....i have done this for the last 3 years and because of mac high resale (and apple care) i never lose more then a couple of 100$ but it gets me the fastest tool every year...
imac 2011 i7 3.4 32ram, seagate goflex TB 256ssd, pegasus 12TB, soon lacie little big disk TB and probably a sonnet tech pci expansion box...
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