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  1. Ah, passion and anti-"post-truth" ideology. No fact can match that. Sorry for mislabeling you.
  2. Dear Andrew, because I got errors trying to post links here. I also got errors trying to post images. The system seems a bit clumsy, the error messages sometimes missing and otherwise not informative. Can you please remove my two negative ratings by Canon shill accounts seanzzxx and Coffe ?
  3. Better link: For example at the end of April, a much cited Facehook post pointed to a misnamed Sony sensor Thomas Hintze of Raw Akademie found to be IMX492LQJ: youtube.com/watch?v=1KU7lTOZLMI&t=240
  4. I'm not sure what they could do that would be game changing? Doubled dynamic range. For example at the end of April, a much cited Facehook post pointed to a misnamed Sony sensor Thomas Hintze of Raw Akademie found to be IMX492LQJ: youtube.com/watch?v=1KU7lTOZLMI?t=240 After we will finally be able to film scenes like this, most prior footage will look inferior: wallhere.com/en/wallpaper/112726
  5. Excessive competition ? There are a few corporations dividing the market between themselves, monopolising it with patent pools. They are not even trying to compete. In 2009 a lone programmer found a way to dramatically improve the image quality of the Canon 5d2 by potentially doubling the dynamic range. Eleven years later, there are 8k60 sensors with this capability and dual pixel autofocus over the whole sensor, but absolutely no camera on the "market" offering anything approaching such an easily doubled dynamic range. Technological advances are typically held back over decades, prices kept artificially high while the cost of production is in rapid decline. Advances at good prices are offered when and where the Keiretsu/Chaebol/GivingPledge/MIC decides. Cliff Totten, 20. 8. 2020, https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/46709-removing-internal-battery-resets-eos-r5-overheat-timer/page/2/ The a7c is a typical Sony lifestyle product. No progress, limited capabilities, crippled interface. Nothing to worry about. Since two years, Panasonic gives hints that the GH6 will offer this game changing improvement in image quality in 2020. They will likely announce it this year, a few months after the purposely limited S5. To me, it will be like the change from black and white to colour. It is likely they will keep their randomly pulsing defocusing RPD/DFD AF mocking us until the "competition" offers the new DR too, years later. They waited 11 years before finally giving us something as simple as a fast standard zoom lens, the 10-25mm f1.7. www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/26564-panasonic-gh6-predictions/page/2/ news.panasonic.com/global/press/data/2018/02/en180214-2/en180214-2.html image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/2019/12/iedm-2019-sony-48mp-all-pixel-pdaf.html www.cameraegg.org/rumors-panasonic-lumix-gh5r-gh6-has-47mp-mft-sensor-8k-video-coming-in-early-2020/
  6. Never forget those nasty "low temperature burns" (Katsuyuki Nagai-san, Product Management Director of Image Communication Business at Canon Europe 2020-0911) just above skin temperature at 42C. In other news, Canon may be preparing to announce joining the 5G Wireless Organ Overheating Warning Alliance WOOWA.
  7. Today a large part of the social media comments, articles and reviews on controversial subjects are written by diverse armies of paid shills, "fact-checking", creating fake news, exposing "fake news" with fake news, whitewashing their employers and smearing critics. This was documented by The Intercept in 2014 and by political campaigners in 2016. Corporations like Google, Twitter and Facebook, powerful private interest groups (Club of Rome, climate change, global taxes, vaccinations etc) and state agencies, spend hundreds of millions for this modern and extended PR. Canon last year spent over 400 million dollars on public relations and advertising. Almost double what the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation pays, which is in the media all the time. The latter has given over $2 million to groups such as fact-checker Africa Check ($1.48 million), media company Gannett ($499,651), and the journalism school the Poynter Institute ($382,997). In return, when you google "gates foundation fact checkers millions", the second link goes to the Poynter Institute-owned fact-checker Politifact.com, where their "factcheckers" whitewash the Gates Foundation. The only reason we ever knew that, for example, the Clinton campaign was hiring professional shills to pose as real Hillary supporters online in order to deceive people and manipulate public discourse is because they were forced to disclose it due to FEC regulations. https://extranewsfeed.com/media-war-toolkit-the-seven-deadliest-weapons-against-establishment-propaganda-d535c311d0eb
  8. Dear Andrew. Thank you for this site, offering a platform for open and honest exchange. Thank you for your courage, intelligence, and sharing. People who are able to escape serfdom are rare, and most stay silent in a mix of fear and smugness. Most customers don't even care that they are sold mobile phones with built-in expiration (planned obsolescence, battery can't be replaced), making them pay thousands every few years to buy more or less the same over and over. Are you aware that Canon was fined millions for violating antitrust laws in the EU ... and in the USA ? Canon is one of the big corporations in a world currently ruled by unrestrained and unaccountable centralised power. They absolutely don't care about laws or customers. Andrew, people like you are rare. Just about four percent of the population guide their actions based on ethics and forgo own advantages in favour of the common good. Most are manipulated like zombies, through social media, media, authorities, schools and the opinions of their peers. Great that you attracted a few independent and generous thinkers here.
  9. Welcome, Aaron, we need playful and intelligent people like you. Your Dad would be proud of you. The GH5s has no IBIS. A camera with good autofocus, good colours, IBIS, 4k60, and good dynamic range is currently missing. They will likely come in 2021. You will make the best choice by watching sample videos out of camera or renting first. Until then, you could replace your G85 with a G9 with 10-25mm lens. This combination has bad AF and weak DR, but produces good footage and will sell well when you are ready to replace it.
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