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  1. Thank you. Right now this is just testing to dial in my workflow. I will be reshooting this with my tripod repaired so i can get the jib/pan/tilt movements. As well as add 16bit RAW, All-I 4K/120, and HD/240 once my FAst comes in later this week. This camera will be doing 2 jobs, my passion shoots which is solo wilderness backpacking, the more remote, the better. Also to shoot commercials, corporate, interviews, and hopefully a documentary or two (years away from that, but scripting now and getting to where I can finance and produce them). This spot is called Mystery Falls and there are great spots to hammock, shear cliffs, and lots of other interesting subjects. I have shot 2 videos at this location a couple years ago (on personal YT channel, same name as my username here. Last couple of years I've been digging Idaho Wilderness from Frank Church to White Knob, mostly in the 4.3 million acre Salmon-Challis National Forest, which has over 2 million designated as wilderness.
  2. I didn't know Gitzo made video heads? And what is that thing between it and the tripod?
  3. I just went to their website and saw the Ultimate So my A7SIII cage. That is some sweet looking gear. Btw, I noticed the same issue with the 4 channel audio on output. This weekend is to busy for me to experiment further though
  4. SWEET, my A7S3 came in today. So far, so good, can't properly test it just yet, but hopefully this weekend. I tried posting using my cell phone, where I had some photos, but it was an epic fail, LOL. Anyone know how to delete a Topic on the root? It wouldn't let me. Any way, will try to get some footage up this weekend. No promises, was already going to be a busy one.
  5. I dont understand the whole concern about 12MP photos. 2048 pixels is the max res that the large majority of places that people publish their work. As far as the very few times most people with print their work, I have printed size A3 all day long from my Nikon D3 and even A2 (23.5" x 16.5") with simple upRes technology that most print shops have. Question is are the very few times that people are actually getting prints done above 24", then if so, ok.. Yeah 18MP or 24MP. But seriously, short of poor composition or not having long enough lenses, where crop is involved, but even then that is going to be rare AND rarer that they need to print that larger than 24". Don't even get me started on needing more storage space. For a very large majority, 12MP is more than enough for photos. So I dont get the argument
  6. You missed my point. NVMe can do sustained rates from 2,500MB/s to almost 4,000MB/s. mSATA even the high performance only get write speeds UPTO 500MB/s So NVMe can do sustained writes from 5 to 8 times faster than mSATA. With 4K RAW 60p you need a ton more sustained write speeds than SSD can even burst to, so i was trying to think of a way to get faster throughput. mSATA is also just SATA which is much easier and cheaper to manufacturer into small electronics. To do NVMe you need crazy bus speeds to support them. Also with the Ninja V, they dont just have you plug the hard drive in by itself (like those mSATA devices do), so also I was thinking Atomos could create a safe cartridge holder for the memory stick like NVMe sticks similar to how they made the Master Caddy II holder. That way we could safely have a couple NVMe in storage as we swap out drives. Hope that makes more sense
  7. Yo-Yo... Saw that as soon as he posted it.
  8. I think this would solve the issues in this thread too, right? Since the camera wouldn't be getting its power from the V Mount battery directly like with a dummy battery?
  9. Those NVMe would smoke the CFExpress card write speeds yet are at SSD prices.
  10. I would love to see how the A7S3 handles exposure changes and AF when that Job lifts it from one darker place closer to a lighter place that is farther away, especially in 4K/120P. When do you think you will be able to test this? Oh, and thanks
  11. So the new PRO edition of Expedia Mark II is going to have hdmi and scopes and false colors as a monitor option for our Sony cameras? yes please. How much is that beast?
  12. Same here, was just going to add that
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