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  1. This looks like another very opinionated , controversial thread in the current series of "all other video review websites are very bad and this is the only one thats actually good" Its getting embarrassing and its a genuine shame to see the brand of EOSHD so eroded after all the years of good work.  I personally really enjoy Phillip blooms work, he obviously puts a massive amount of work into them.

    The idea we are all supposed to be slagging Philip Bloom off now is pretty pathetic.

    People need to get on with their own projects and stop wasting a lot of time  whining about other people.

  2. 13 hours ago, Rinad Amir said:

    Could it be GhAlex lut? Creammyness is bless

    it was something called  KINO lut i picked up many many years  ago for 15 quid, and decided was  going to be the look of my movie, and then modified ove many experiments  with an additional layer of film nitrate. I would say these medium format speedbosters (KIPON) are the secret sauce though.

  3. 1 hour ago, funkyou86 said:

    Hey, so I had the Lumix S1 and the P4K for a while and this project was great to test it. I love the image coming out from the S1 (shot everything to V-Log, 10bit), but the BMDraw held up so much better in the grading process. I believe we shot everything to 8:1 RAW, 60fps than conformed it to 24.

    All the band performances and non-slowmo stuff was shot with the S1 + Samyang VDSLR lenses, mostly 50mm, wide open at T1.5. All speedramped stuff was shot with the P4K.

    The ligting setup was fairly simple:
    Band performance: 2x Photo-R COB lights with softboxes + backlight
    Jury: Aputuer 300D + Lightdome + backlights
    Stage performances: 300D + fresnel (which I regret now a bit, maybe a softer light would be much better) + 2800K rimlights.

    We also used prisms to add some sweetness and surreal feel to the image. 

    The whole video was shot in one place, in maybe 14 hours with a crew of 4 people (dir, dp, 1st ac, grip).

    I edited everything in Premiere Pro than spent weeks and months to grade it with lumetri. By the time I got familiar with resolve, so I exported everything to Resolve and graded it in maybe 2 days. Still not perfect, but still better than what I've got from premiere. 

    Anyways, let me know what you think :) Don't get confused with the multilingual intro, turn on the subtitles please (we did everything to do a proper translation 😄 ). Cheers!


    nailed it!  congrats

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