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  1. Absense of paid work is the story of my life this year. Besides normal people, whatever the hell that means, are the ones using phones. I didn't become a videographer to be classified as normal. 不不不
  2. It does sound like a joke to be fair...
  3. Canon should agree to the demands on the condition the hackers convert the 8K RAW files to proxys to save Canon time in post.
  4. Another blow to Canon, Cinema 5D is now calling itself Cine D... After years taking their name from a Canon camera, they have decided to distance themselves from the brand with a new name. 不不不 Just kidding, but its interesting timing after so many years.
  5. Need to see outdoor shooting in the sun to properly evaluate. Of course, it makes the micro HDMI port an even bigger fail for this camera than it was before.
  6. Someone tell Tilta to put their mass production of the R5 cooling fan on hold...
  7. With an HDMI 2.1 cable, yeah I know. Is there a micro HDMI to full HDMI 2.1 cable? Besides, Canons own specs have suggested output is limited to 4K at 60p. No mention of 8K output. Unless fireware adds this down the road. Will the micro port handle 8K for RAW Or ProRes recording?
  8. And DpReview have already learnt of this video and are talking about using this setup for 8K video... 不不 That micro HDMI port is the weak link in that setup.
  9. 2 to 3 hours to generate proxys for 11 mins of 8K and 2 hours to render the finished 7 min video and that was with minimum grading. With all the overheating, the handling of the H265 codec tends to get forgotten in discussions. If that's the workflow, then the overheating isn't an issue. I wouldn't want to record more than 20 minutes of footage.
  10. I would say, someone in Canon will take some heat for this attack, but they've already redistributed it to their cameras.
  11. I notice in the comments section they confirmed overheating was an issue and the camera wasn't suitable for Professional work in their opinion. For small personal projects, you'd work around it. After all, you are working for yourself. As long as you wait long enough for the camera to cool down, there's nothing stopping you grabbing footage. Start from cold, don't take photos and switch off in-between. General consensus of opinion has never said the camera was totally unusable for any video work, just Professional work.
  12. Be fair, it was you who brought up the commercial angle in defending the camera. And you made that point when replying to someone who suggested it could be used on such productions, with green screen work and artic based movies. In fact, we have been arguing against the very thing you accuse us of.
  13. This from someone who heaped tonnes of negativity on the GH5 and Blackmagic. . It's a different matter now it's Canon at the end of it. Besides no one is forcing you to read all this stuff.
  14. I would debate the R5 heavily for that line of work. Green screen work can be complex to setup and film and the R5s overheating would make it very impractical. The S1H has 6K and can even output RAW to a recorder via a proper HDMI port; making it more reliable for sure. Besides who uses a hybrid for that work anyway. At which point do you turn to dedicated video cameras. The new Blackmagic would be more suited to that line of work. I would even favour the Pocket 6K. BRAW is a lot easier on the system than 8K RAW from Canon. The only video I saw taken from 8K RAW, the poster said his machine crashed several times working on it. In fact he doubted he'd use 8K RAW much for that reason.
  15. That line skipping mush is certainly superior IQ to GoPro, I admit, but not as good as S1H. However GoPros are smaller, and still going to be used where GoPros are required. Like a documentary series I saw, where it was attached to a helmet of the presenter as he went underground. The R5 is small, but not that small. 不不不
  16. That's so sweet. I'm sure you two will be happy together. I'm still waiting for mine to be made.
  17. GoPros don't overheat. I've used them and they're pretty reliable. I've left one running for 8 hours once, connected to an external power device. How is this at all relevant to a R5?
  18. You think cameras are switched on for only a second, just because a second of it is used in the finished video... er no.. Plus cameras are switched on before the record button is pressed. And left on to review the footage in some cases. All adds up in the end, reducing your recording limit everytime you start your next take. Then you have external monitoring, which is ideal in these productions and that mini HDMI is a clumsy port for that. I've used one before on my GH4 and its rubbish. A7sIII and S1H have at least a proper HDMI connector. I think some here are trying to invent scenarios where this camera can be used. Most though are situations where Productions crews would be using a dedicated video camera anyway.
  19. This is hilarious... I love a bit of fantasy in my life... now let's wake up and remember we are talking about a Canon camera. I don't see Netflix or any major studio adding this to their list of approved cameras. And big productions have no time to pander to cameras such as these. Why would anyone use a camera that could become a brick after an hour of use, even with 1 to 2 min takes. Even switching it on, leaving it in a warm room and adjusting the camera settings is adding to that ticking clock and the more takes you do, even switching it on and off will reduce your time down the moment you hit record. The cool down period is enormous. Who says the breaks between takes are always that long. Some simple scenes take 15 or more takes, shot consecutively. The R5 would be hotter than an oven by then. When you have choices like the S1H, the issue of a lack of AF on it for large production companies is basically void, when they're using Alexa. It would be a much better choice as it has features like timecode which is more useful to productions than 8K that overheats.
  20. Despite Canon denying the whole recall story, its not as if stock is getting to stores very quickly. I recall the hassle the Pocket 4K had in getting stock out with many citing it as bad service and an example of a small company struggling to meet demand. I would have expected Canon to do better. With profits down due to Covid, why delay getting cameras out to people who want them. If they weren't ready to ship to meet preorders, why not wait until they were. Maybe they are delaying shipments to quietly address some issues rather than admit them publicly. When you hear October and November deliveries, it feels a bit odd. Even worse getting their cameras out than Blackmagic and they were pretty bad.
  21. You could just as easily say the S1H is the best mirrorless camera out there if you don't need great AF or the A7sIII is the best if you don't need photos larger than 12MP. Knock enough of the cons out of the 'for and against' discussions cos you don't need or care about them and you have a winning camera. Incidentally Sony has greater DR, and colour can be as much about grade, not to mention subject to what you like and prefer. No camera will be winning the best mirrorless contest anytime soon. They're all flawed in crucial ways.
  22. I tend to shoot and edit in 4K and upload short videos in 4K. The rest is in HD. For delivery, I give them HD and 4K videos. I have had some clients ask and book me for 4K. Plus I offer stills from the video and 4K is a plus for that. I would never shoot in 1080p now. My system can handle the file sizes easily and you have more options in post. People talk that 8K is future proofing, but that to me is taking it too far. I happily stick to 4K delivery for my clients to enjoy on their 4K TVs when they have them. I did have one discussion here about 8K, where having said, I didn't need it; someone on this forum gave a detailed list as to why I would benefit from it. This was when everyone was drooling over the R5 and justifying its insane specs.
  23. Missing the point. If you're shooting 1080p, why all this hype about the R5 and 8K and 120fps 4K. Ever since the R5 announcement, so many on forums were telling me why I needed 8K. Apparently even delivering 4K and 1080p, my work would benefit from it, so I was led to believe. Now the R5 only does reliable 1080p, I bet its back to users saying we don't need 4K and that 1080p is good enough. I wish people would make their minds up.
  24. He shot in 1080p 不不 All that hype of 8K and its basically a usable 1080p camera; just like all the other Canon cameras. I'm not sure, is the 1080p line skipped, pixel binned.. I would hate to shoot a Wedding with a 8K camera that was line skipping to 1080p.
  25. Great products??? Good products maybe, but each with their own flaws. In regards to fullframe mirrorless, there are trade offs such as cropping, overheating and limitations of features. S1H limited by poor AF, A7sIII only 12mp, can overheat, colour is off putting to some. R5 and R6, great specs ruined by lack of reliability. Some of my requirements are met by the Pocket cameras, but they have their negatives too, which have been discussed at length. Why should Canons issues not be discussed, if many like myself were looking forward to buying their new camera because on paper, it would have met our requirements.
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