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  1. Here's a still from my first shoot with the Andromeda tonight, video will be forthcoming!

    For a camera this old, the results are incredible. 

    The portable laptop rig worked like a dream, and better than I could have hoped for:

    ::Hackintoshed PC laptop with modular SSD bay for recording (2TB SSD for shockproof, fast performance, up to 18 hours continuous recording)

    ::External laptop battery pack, 70,000 mAh for 7-8 hours of power-up time

    Once I had my settings dialed in, I could just close the lid to the laptop, set it in my special backpack and focus on getting my shots.  It's incredible, and I'm looking forward to all the things I'll be able to do in the future.  Footage in motion is just awesome!!

    Video coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy this still!


  2. On 7/28/2019 at 1:46 PM, Shell64 said:

    Any chance you could offer the download for us?  Just saw a hacked dvx100 for $400 on eBay, but apparently it’s hard if not impossible to find the sculpture d software. 

    Maybe @BTM_Pixcould get it to work with OBS?  OBS supports prores support. Prores 444 10 bit CCD with Leica zoom lens anyone?

    Here ya go!  This software is Mac only, just FYI!


    On 7/28/2019 at 1:46 PM, Shell64 said:

    Maybe @BTM_Pixcould get it to work with OBS?  OBS supports prores support. Prores 444 10 bit CCD with Leica zoom lens anyone?

    I highly, highly doubt it.  The hardware sends down a binary blob in a proprietary format that you have to transcode into your desired format after capture.  This isn't just a simple video stream.

  3. Greetings everyone!  Proud new owner of an Andromeda DVX100 reporting in!  It was actually dumb luck that I stumbled onto this group and, more specifically, this conversation!  I just managed to get an archive of the Sculptor HD software literally the other day and and currently working on a portable run-and-gun handheld solution for on the go recording, which consists of a hackintosh laptop running Sculptor, and a secondary hot-swappable internal hard drive bay on the laptop that will essentially allow me to use large SSDs as recording cartridges.

    I'm still working out the kinks and learning how to properly calibrate the software for the best possible capture.. I'm a novice enthusiast who has more of an interest in the technology aspect as opposed to straight-up filmmaking, but once I get everything running I will be sharing the resulting footage!

    I hope we can keep the conversation about the Andromeda mod going!  I'm very excited to see what will come next!

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